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Research and Development Facilities

At HCP the faculty unwavering focuses on research activities so that they can produce ideas that matter in betterment of society.Research at HCP is conducted in all major areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences .The faculty has been actively pursuing the research in fields like

  • Drug Discovery and Develoment in areas like Diabetes , Stress , Anti infectives etc
  • Design and synthesis of New Chemical entities
  • Designing and establishing in vivo and in vitro screening assays
  • Novel Drug Delivery systems
  • Development of new bio analytical methods
  • Process Validation

Pharmaceutics Division

Drug Delivery is the major thrust area of Pharmaceutics department, which is a method of administering an active pharmaceutical ingredient to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals through various routes of administration. Drug delivery technologies help to modify drug release profile , absorption, distribution and elimination for the benefit of improving drug efficacy, safety as well as patient convenience and compliance.
The goal of drug formulation and delivery is to administer a drug at a therapeutic concentration to a particular site of action for a specified period of time.
to a particular site of action for a specified period of time. Current efforts in the area of drug delivery includes the development of formulations such as immediate release dosage forms, Modified release drugs like sustained release , novel drug delivery systems and targeted drug delivery systems.The topics in which the department is currently focusing are given as under:

  • Microspheres/microparticles for sustained drug delivery
  • Biodegradable polymers in drug delivery
  • Targeted drug delivery to brain
  • Oral disintegrating extended release formulations
  • Ocular drug delivery systems
  • Transdermal drug delivery
  • Oral bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs
  • Nanoparticles

Pharmacology Division

The main focus of this department is to offer extensive Training in Pharmacology and Toxicology to both M Pharm Pharmacology and PhD students .Our programs features close working relationships between students and their faculty mentor, rich and diverse research opportunities , individualized programs of study based on the needs of students. The Current area of research investigation are:

  • Analgesics, Anti inflammatory drugs
  • Anti convulsants
  • Anti infectives
  • Herbals used to cure various ailments

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division

This department carries research in various programmes including synthetic, medicinal chemistry , Drug Design and Green Chemistry which is an upcoming aspect . At present the department is looking into the following aspects to carryout the research work.

  • Design of new analytical methods using instruments like HPLC , UV etc
  • Design and synthesis of new chemical entities such as analgesic, anti -inflammatory, anti microbial , anti convulsant etc.
  • CADD
  • Developing Green Techniques for synthesis to minimizes the waste production.
  • The department also specializes in training Pharmacists and chemists in developing their knowledge and problem skills in Pharmaceutical Analysis.The ongoing Projects are mentioned below:
  • Analysis and standardization of herbal drugs
  • Drug metabolism studies
  • Bioanalytical method development
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