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From Director General’s Desk

HIMT Director General’s
Warm welcome to HIMT College of Pharmacy (HCP)!!

Change is part of life in any organisation in present COVID-19 pandemic the scenario of India has changed. If we compare the present year with previous last two years has aroused demand of change the education system. There is need of hour to revise the learning system to meet challenge of new era. Success in today’s world depend on the organisation capability and strategic implementation of new policy.

At HIMT College of Pharmacy, we are constantly working on new strategy as per demand. We are committed to provide value based education with modern professional knowledge. We nurture the students with skills and critical thinking to make him/her a better citizen contributing to country development.

The HIMT College of Pharmacy has evolved action oriented activities to equip the student with necessary knowledge and skills, to make them catalysts in effective decision making. HIMT College of Pharmacy is a place where professor always ready to help students to increase the knowledge content, evaluation with critical thinking.

Our campus is a place where students learn innovation, collaboration and team work. We are open to any suggestions to improve our system.

We look forward to your participation in our endeavours for growth of HIMT College of Pharmacy.

Dr. T. Duhan
Director General,
HIMT College of Pharmacy