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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry division focus on understanding the physical properties, chemical synthesis, manufacture, and synthesis of medicines. Pharmaceutical chemistry contributes indirectly to the development of chemistry and pathwaysfor synthesis of new drugs. It includes isolation, characterization and synthesis of compounds that can be used in medicine for the treatment & cure of diseases. These labs are well equipped with Ostwald's viscometer, Stalagmometer, Refractometer, digital pH meter, Polarimeter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer,Colorimeter, Melting point apparatus, Distillation units, Rectification unit, Oven, Muffle Furnace and Ion deionizer, Karl-Fischer Titrator.etc.

Various laboratoriesof this division are-

  • 1) Physical Chemistry
  • 2) Inorganic Chemistry
  • 3) Organic Chemistry
  • 4) Medicinal Chemistry
  • 5) Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • 6) Biochemistry Laboratory
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